Bookmark this guide for peach blossom viewing in Bome, Nyingchi

In March, the fairyland of Bome, Nyingchi, Tibet Autonomous Region is about to usher in “the most beautiful spring in China”, as peach blossoms bloom in the valleys and fields. The flowers can be dark pink or light pink. Today, we’ll recommend you several bicycle routes for flower viewing in Bome. Aren’t you eager to have a look!

Boidoi Peach Blossom Valley Route: Kada Village - Runa Village - Daglung Village, the resident of Qingduo Town People’s Government - Yerpa Village - Gutong Village - Kada Village

The length of the cycle line is about 60 kilometers. The route almost covers the most popular and easiest flower viewing spots in Boidoi Peach Blossom Valley. In addition, the whole route is cement road throughout, and the road conditions are very good, but there are few parking spaces, so it is more suitable for cycling to view flowers. You can listen to the gurgling water carefully, watch the clouds, and even smell the fragrance of peach blossoms. The scenery of villages in the valley are worthy for a stop, too.

Most beautiful flower viewing spots

1. Runa Village: the most popular peach blossom village in Bome is Runa Village, which is one of the most densely blooming areas in Boidoi Peach Blossom Valley. There are both glaciers and snow-capped mountains here, as well as colorful Tibetan-style dwellings, all of which form such a beautiful picture, giving you a strong visual impact.

2. Yeba Village: the Yeba Village is located next to a branch river near Qingduo Town. Generally, few tourists go to this quiet little village. If you choose to view flowers by bicycle, you can feel the most undisturbed peach blossom here.

3. Gutong Village: After viewing flowers, you don’t need to go back on the same way. Instead, you can go along the east bank of Boidoi Zangbo, and enjoy the original ecological spring scenery of Gutong Village. The peach blossoms here seem to be integrated with the village. It presents the most beautiful pastoral scenery from March to April every year.