Over 32,000 students in Tibet take college entrance examination

The 2022 college entrance examination in Tibet was held from June 7 to 9, with more than 32,000 candidates taking the examination, according to information learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region Education and Examination Institute on June 2. The whole region has 10 examination areas, 46 examination centers (including spares), 1,545 examination rooms, and more than 5,000 staff working for the examination.

In order to ensure "safe examination", Tibet provided special help for 9 disabled candidates, Braille test papers for 2 blind candidates, and set up a separate examination room for them.

The online marking work was started immediately on June 9. The scores will be announced on June 25 after approval by the Admissions Committee of the region. At the same time, the minimum control scores for the admissions of ordinary colleges and universities of Tibet Autonomous Region in 2022 will be simultaneously released.