Medical experts rescreen children with congenital heart disease in Dechen

On November 8, medical experts and volunteers arrived at the Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s Hospital in Yunnan Province to rescreen and confirm the conditions of children with congenital heart disease who were screened as part of a public welfare event back in July.


Photo shows Wang Fei examines children with a stethoscope. 

Wang Fei and Li Lei, two medical experts from the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, overcame jet lag and high altitude sickness and came to the Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s Hospital early in the morning to carry out rescreening for congenital heart disease.

Children from different counties and cities in Dechen Prefecture who suffer from congenital heart disease also came to the hospital with their parents, where volunteers and local medical staff organized their registration, verified their information, and set up a queue for screenings.


Photo shows Li Lei examines children’s heart conditions via ultrasound. 

Medical experts Wang and Li examined the children with congenital heart disease and confirmed their conditions by auscultation (examining the circulatory and respiratory systems via stethoscope) and echocardiography (using ultrasound to examine the heart). They carefully recorded the results of each child’s examination and learned more about the child’s medical history from their parents.

For children who will need to undergo surgery after this rescreening, volunteers registered their information as well as that of accompanying family members after having a consultation with the parents. They then prepared them to travel to Beijing for free treatment.

For those children who do not require surgery immediately, the medical experts urged the parents to pay attention to any changes their children experience and have the children examined regularly.


Photo shows Li Lei explains relevant information to local medical staff during an echocardiographic examination.


Photo shows Wang Fei (second from right) explains important issues relating to surgery to the families of children who met the conditions for requiring treatment.

Children with congenital heart disease who met the conditions for requiring treatment after rescreening and their families will travel by train to Beijing on November 10 for free surgery.