International students come to Dechen to experience Tibetan culture

From July 19 to 24, 21 international students came to Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province to experience Tibetan culture and get a sense of development in Tibetan-inhabited areas. 

In Shangri-La, Bangladeshi student Hansan and his friends visited the Dukezong Old Town and toured Gandan Sumtseling Monastery and the Dechen 60th Anniversary Museum. Everything here felt new and beautiful, he said.

“In Shangri-La, we experienced the deep culture, saw many cars on the wide streets, and saw a good ecological environment,” Hansan said. “Napa Lake really moved me.”

International students visited the Dechen 60th Anniversary Museum.

In the afternoon, the international students went to Nixi Township to experience the production of “Nixi black pottery”. In the production room, Wang Xiao, a student from Egypt, engraved Chinese, Arabic, and English writings on her own-made black pottery. “I want to take it with me, it’s wonderful!” Wang Xiao said. When she learned that this exquisite work of art could also generate income to help local poverty alleviation, she felt an unspeakable love for it. After Wang Xiao finishes her piece of black pottery, local intangible cultural inheritor for black pottery will fire it in the kiln and have it sent to her.

International students learned to make black pottery.

In the next part of the itinerary, the students will visit with people fighting for poverty alleviation and go to the Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park to learn about ecological protection.