Screening of children with congenital heart disease progresses smoothly

In recent years, the Central Government has further intensified policies, funding, and support for conditions of medical facilities in Tibet's vast rural areas that are underdeveloped and lack of medical and health personnel.

Tibet has seized the opportunity of these policies, actively carrying out various work for poverty alleviation and focusing on promoting the treatment of major diseases such as hydatid disease, congenital heart disease, and plateau rheumatism, achieving remarkable results in these areas.

Shetongmon County is located in the northwest of Shigatse City. In Tibetan, the name means "happiness upon seeing".

On May 24, five medical experts from the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department of the Beijing Anzhen Hospital conducted ultrasound examinations on 57 suspected cases of congenital heart disease in children. Of these cases, 20 tested positive, who will be brought to Beijing for further treatment.

Congenital heart disease is a congenital disease that seriously endangers children's physical and mental health. It is also one of the major causes of poverty in some poor Tibetan families.