New version of Tibetan language website launched

Tibetan Language Online, the first ethnic language website, was launched after a revision in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

The website is the first in the region to offer both Tibetan and Chinese language versions, with both are updated simultaneously.

According to Zheng Weizhong, head of a department of the Tibet Autonomous Region Language Work Committee, the Tibetan Language Online website uses advanced technology that is compatible for browsing and searching with both desktop computers and mobile devices and can even be accessed in future via public accounts on WeChat, a popular instant message software in China. The website has distinctive Tibetan features while integrating modern elements. The Chinese version focuses on publishing information, while the Tibetan version focuses on academic exchanges and provides users with appropriate content for different needs.

The new version of the website has won the attention of the State Language Work Committee and the Ministry of Education, who have taken the lead in its organization and implementation. The Shanghai Municipal Language Committee is aiding in building the website, while Shanghai Open University is responsible for its operation and management.

The website has released thousands of pieces of information so far and has a total number of 4 million site visits. The majority of users come from within the Tibet Autonomous Region and throughout China, though there are also many users from the rest of the world.