Tibetan language information technology’s innovation

University of Tibet attended the 2016 World Internet Conference as one of Tibet Autonomous Region's representatives, displaying achievements in Tibetan language information technology to the world.

University of Tibet's primary products on exhibition include the Sunlight multiple-language search engine, the Tibetan language three-in-one input system, the Sunlight Chinese-Tibetan two-way translation system, the Tibetan-Chinese voice translation system, and China's Online Database of Tibetan Archives, fully demonstrating the level of IT advancement of University of Tibet, and its major contributions in preservation excellent traditional Tibetan culture.   

The Tibetan language three-in-one input system, based on cloud computing, and the Tibetan-Chinese voice translation system, for mobile applications, is the latest achievements in IT for the Tibetan language.

Completed in November of 2016 by the University of Tibet and iFlytek, they have particularly manifested the research results from Tibetan synthesis, Tibetan language recognition, and Tibetan-Chinese translation, etc.        

"The University of Tibet will continue to collaborate with inner-China colleges, universities, and research institutes, insist on self-innovation of core technologies, and continue to strive for breakthroughs in the research and applications for Tibetan language voice and voice technology.We hope to lead the promotion and application of AI technology in Tibet and continue to contribute to innovation and development on the snowy plateau," said Rinchen Norbu, Associate Professor and researcher at the Tibetan Language IT Research Institute at the University of Tibet.