Tibet unveils new Tibetan-language input software

New Tibetan-language input software was released in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Thursday.

The software was developed by a speech and language laboratory at Tibet University. With Tibetan-language speech and handwriting recognition technology, the software provides more convenient and accurate input methods for Tibetans.

The software can recognize and produce standard Tibetan instantly with an accuracy rate of 97 percent.

Losang Ganden, a teacher at Tibet University, said, "Unlike traditional spelling input software, this software has dramatically improved our efficiency in work and learning."

In addition to the input software, the laboratory has also developed other Tibetan language-related software, including Tibetan and Chinese language translation software.

Professor Ngodrup, director of the laboratory, said they can provide Tibetan language speech technology services and hope to cooperate with entrepreneurs to boost innovation in Tibetan language-related technology.