Tibet: Young people share stories of innovation and entrepreneurship

Youth elites of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region shared experience of innovation and entrepreneurship with young people of all ethnic groups and sectors of society, on a forum during the 3rd Tibet Expo, on September 14th.

Li Mingtao, Vice president of Institute of China International Electronic Commerce Center, the Ministry of Commerce of China, delivered a speech on the forum with the theme of "Internet plus 'mass entrepreneurship and innovation'". He expressed that the new economy with the Internet economy as representative would bring many changes to our production and life. 

In the new economic era, medium-sized and small enterprises, and small &micro-sized enterprises as well as those created by individuals will have more development opportunities; the threshold for entrepreneurship can be greatly reduced. "Internet plus" realizes the existing technology's application; even more important, more new ideas and new modes will come forth and there will also be a huge amount of entrepreneurial opportunities.     

"There are huge space in Internet economy. Our young people all have many opportunities," said Jia Peng, Vice president of Shandong Handuyishe E-commerce Group. He gave Tibetan young people suggestions in various aspects and hoped that youth here could break through the space restrictions by internet and combining the essential keywords of internet, sell products of Tibet to other areas of China, and provide services with Tibet characteristics to consumers home and abroad.  

More and more Tibetan young people, under the concern and support of the government and people from all walks of life, have boosted enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and participated in the high trends "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".

A batch of excellent young entrepreneurs of all ethnic groups and start up projects have come forth in e-commerce, tourism, service industry and other fields which have formed surging trend of youth entrepreneurship and innovation. We are coming into a "golden era of entrepreneurship".