Chinese PAP in Tibet conducts challenging training

Chinese PAP in Tibet Autonomous Region begins their third training season. Almost one thousand members of elite forces train simultaneously in seven cities including Lhasa, Chamdo, and Nagqu.   

The soldiers carry 20 kg per capita and walk almost 50 km daily. With at least 16-hour-training a day, they have finished 31 exercise modules such as armed cross-country, river-crossing, and marching while carrying logs, as well as marching 300 km.  

It is extremely challenging to train on the snow-covered plateau at over 3,500 altitude. Faced with the severe cold and a lack of oxygen, the soldiers have addressed and deal with effectively twenty-three emergencies, by their tenacious determination, excellent comprehensive quality and emergency handling ability. 

"The unique conditions in Tibet require a special group of soldiers who could adapt to its environment," said the leader of the unit. In the last few years, Chinese PAP in Tibet Autonomous Region have taken many kinds of training activities such as combat exercises with neighboring army units, the extreme competitions of "Plateau Warrior", and dispatching soldiers to Russia for competitions, so as to build comprehensively the overall quality and will character of soldiers of elite forces.