Innovative production of Tibetan paper favored by market

Photo shows a villager in the Chongni Village demonstrates how to make the Tibetan paper.

Tibetan paper has been widely used in Tibetan inhabited areas for more than 1300 years. It has a few special characteristics such as that it can not be damaged by worms, it can be kept for a long time, it is soft and suitable for long-time usage and reading.

The Chongni Tibetan paper made by the Chongni Village of the Tangjia Township in the Maldrogungkar County has a good quality which is widely used for printing Buddhist scriptures and paintings. In order to inherit the Chongni Tibetan technique and bring more income to the local people, the Chongni Tibetan paper craftsmen, apart from supplying the demand of traditional painting, have been creatively making many kinds of tourist souvenirs such as letter sheets, notebooks and postcards according to the market’s demands, which are all very popular amongst customers.