Congenital heart disease public welfare screening comes to Garze Prefecture, Sichuan

Congenital heart disease screening for “One Heart: China Hearts”, a large-scale public welfare event, recently came to Derge County and Baiyu County in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

More than 30 medical workers and volunteers from major hospitals in Beijing carried out free screening consultations in hospitals, primary schools, and designated service points in the two counties. For patients with initial screening problems, color ultrasound diagnosis will be performed with advanced equipment brought from Beijing. Children that were diagnosed with congenital heart disease will need to go to Beijing for surgery. The medical expenses will all be covered by the charity foundation.

After two days of high-intensity and high-efficiency screening work, the medical team completed screenings of 7,090 people, with 50 people diagnosed, and gave free consultations to 203 people..