National intangible cultural heritage: Zhanian making technique in China's Tibet

Zhanian, a stringed instrument, is widely used in songs and dances in Tibet. In Tibetan language, Zhanian is the word for the melodious sound.

Zhanian making has a long history and the making technique was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2014.

Living in Lnaze County, a place known for Zhanian making, the 47-year-old Sonam Chungla learned the skills from his father when he was 14 and became an inheritor of this intangible cultural heritage later.

Sonam Chungla has always been committed to protecting and carrying forward the instrument-making techniques. He set up a cooperative with his friends in 2010 to produce Zhanian.

With improved craft and financial support from local authorities, the cooperative runs well and Zhanian instruments they made are gaining popularity.