Tibet: Looking for happiness in cookware

In Tibet, due to the high altitude, low air pressure and low boiling point, even if the fire burns brightly, the water temperature will not rise at a certain point. So, you often find food uncooked. Therefore, the pressure cooker is an indispensable kitchen essential for every household.

The development of multifunctional cooking utensils suitable for plateau area is an important livelihood project promoted by the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region . Since February 2022, Tibet has spent 3 months to develop14 multifunctional cooking product series suitable for plateau areas, and applied for 18 patents, achieving technical breakthroughs in four aspects: more convenient operation and use, flexible setting of cooking pressure, more cooking functions, and greatly improved safety performance.

Recently, Tibet's first factory producing multifunctional cooking cookware suitable for the plateau area was officially put into operation, which would not only enrich the plateau cooking cookware market, further improve the living standards of local people, but also help the employment of nearly 100 local people.