First Tibetan drama for children built in Tibet

The Tibetan Opera Troupe of the Tibet Autonomous Region is working on the eighth adaptation of the Tibetan opera "Brothers Donyo and Dondrup" of the "Eight Traditional Tibetan Operas". This is the first Tibetan opera created for children by the troupe. With the theme of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature, a community of shared future for mankind and family affection, it tells the story of two half-brother princes fleeing from danger.

"There are more than 150 folk Tibetan opera troupes all over Tibet." Palden Wangqug, head of the Tibetan Opera Troupe of the Tibet Autonomous Region, believes that the atmosphere of Tibetan opera is quite adequate. He said that Tibetan opera is not only a hobby of the elderly, but also loved by primary school students and young people, with many people learning to perform.