Solar power project in Tibet plugs in

A photovoltaic power generation project with an 110 kilovolt transmission line finished connecting recently in the Sernyi district of Nagchu, Tibet autonomous region, China News Service reported.

The new energy project, which comprises 20 kilometers of overhead line and was built with an investment of nearly 60 million yuan ($8.3 million), is located at an altitude of 4,500 meters, the Tibet Power Co said on Tuesday.

The solar energy project is expected to transmit an annual average of 247 million kilowatt-hours at full capacity.

Nagchu is a prefecture-level city at the highest altitude of any city in China. It has between 2,850 and 2,880 hours of sunshine per year on average.

According to the company, the project is already connected to Tibet's main power grid. It will enrich the city's electrical resources and contribute to the overall economic and social development of northern Tibet.

With construction beginning in September, the project has provided job opportunities for 152 local residents and generated about 3.31 million yuan of income for rural residents.