Thousands to be relocated from high altitudes

A view of the Sinpori Ecological Relocation Site in Gonggar county of Lhokha, Tibet autonomous region. [Photo provided to]

More than 26,300 rural residents of 6,306 households from high altitudes in the Tibet autonomous region will be relocated to the Sinpori site in Lhokha before Aug 11, Tibet Daily reported.

Thanks to the region's relocation policy, which started in 2016, many rural residents living at altitudes above 4,800 meters have been moved to lower valleys more suitable for human habitation.

The latest relocation plan will help residents from 58 villages in 12 townships in the counties of Tsonyi, Amdo and Nyima in Nagchu.

With an average altitude above 4,500 meters, Nagchu is one of the region's highest cities. Residents are mainly herders and nomads, most of whom change their dwelling and herding pastures a few times in a year.

The relocation work is planned through Aug 11. The first group of families is expected to arrive in their new community by July 15.

It is the busiest time for the nomads recently, so some residents will remain in their original places.

To ensure safety involving traffic, the pandemic, medical rescues and emergencies, more than 200 government workers from all walks of life have been dispatched to relocation sites to provide support.

The Lhokha city government has accelerated infrastructure construction, including housing, water and electricity supplies, traffic, schools and clinics.

By Daqiong and Palden Nyima