Year of Monkey culture exhibition opens in Lhasa

Inheritor of Tibet clay-making skills showcases his work "Golden monkey offering a peach"[Photo/China news] The "2016 Year the Monkey Culture Exhibition" opened in Lhasa on Jan. 10, ..

Ancient Cagar Monastery in China's Tibet

Photo taken on Jan. 4, 2016 shows a Buddha in Cagar Monastery the mountain Gyirong Township of County, Shigatse City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. ..

Unique ancient musical scores found in Tibet

Historians scouring the ruins of a Tibetan monastery have found 30 ancient manuscripts, including one detailing kind musical score never seen before. The dating from 13th to 18t ..

Drama unfolds grand beauty of snow plateau

The large-scale song and dance drama Charming Tibet was staged at Shanghai Culture Square, reported. created by the Song Dance Troupe five years ago. But in pas ..

Khada: a cultural icon of Tibetan people (Ⅱ)

Photo shows the 11th Panchen Lama takes over khada presented to him by a lama, and give it back old monk. To present khadas rinpoches, one needs bend down even 90 degrees ho ..

Intangible Cultural Heritage in Tibet

On Aug. 20, 2009, pupils from Lhasa perform Tibetan opera in Potala Palace Square. [Photo/Xinhua] Cultural treasures such as the Shoton snow-covered plateau, Bangdian, Thangka, M ..

Thangka art booms in Regong

  Vanmar draws the draft of a thangka painting. He was child when his uncle began teaching him art form. [Photo/IC] Dorje, post-80s painter, and two other painters r ..