Intangible Cultural Heritage in Tibet

On Aug. 20, 2009, pupils from Lhasa perform Tibetan opera in Potala Palace Square. [Photo/Xinhua] Cultural treasures such as the Shoton snow-covered plateau, Bangdian, Thangka, M ..

Thangka art booms in Regong

  Vanmar draws the draft of a thangka painting. He was child when his uncle began teaching him art form. [Photo/IC] Dorje, post-80s painter, and two other painters r ..

Nyemo Chess:treasure of Tibetan culture

The Nyemo Chess game [Photo/Agencies] The originated from Tobang Township of Zogang County, Chamdo Prefecture Tibet Autonomous Region. It is a treasure Tibetan culture. ..

Thangka masterpieces exhibited in Beijing

Geng Ying, head of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Foundation, delivers a speech. [Photo/China Tibet Online] BEIJING, Jul. 4 (China Online) The Second Thangka Research Foru ..

Tibetan female costumes in oil paintings (IV)

Tibetan costumes have distinctive characteristics, featuring loose waist, long sleeves, with the front robe buttoning on right side. woman usually wear boots to match dress, an ..

Sakadawa Festival celebrated by Tibetan Buddhists

Tibetan Buddhist believers walk around the Potala Palace for praying in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, June 2, 2015. The month-long Sakadawa Festival, which starts on ..

Sand mandala creation debuts in Tianjin

A Tibetan Buddhist monk makes a mandala with sand during show of intangible cultural heritage from Regong art Qinghai province in North China's Tianjin municipality, May 30, 2015. The crea ..

A glimpse of amazing Thangka art

The pigment used in Thangka painting [Photo/China Tibet Online] A Tibetan artist is (also known as Tang Ka), included the National ..