Book depicting poverty alleviation in China's Tibetan region published

A new novel, depicting the battle against poverty in China's Tibetan areas, has recently been published in Beijing after the writer devoted 15 years to poverty alleviation on the plateau.

Titled "Snow Lotus," which is a rare herb grown at a high altitude and highly prized for its use in medicine, the novel tells the story of the protagonist taking part in poverty relief by running schools in Tibet.

The novel was inspired by the real-life experience of the writer Jiang Juechi, who has supported education by building schools and providing basic care and classes to orphans, dropouts and impoverished children on the plateau.

Experts said the novel not only offers a panorama of the country's poverty alleviation on the plateau but also details the improved living standards of people in Tibet, as well as the local customs and practices.

The book is published by the People's Literature Publishing House.