Cultivation of Tibetan medicinal material helps poverty alleviation

The Red Sun Family Technological Experimental Farm in Mainling County, southwest China's Tibet was established in 2015. It is a farm that focuses on cultivating Tibetan medicinal materials and the sale of medicinal herbs. The farm currently has a 560-square-meter strain culture room, two boilers, 29 greenhouses, and two technicians.

Nyima is the head of the farm. Talking about the original intention of building the farm, he said: "The high-altitude medicinal materials are decreasing year after year, and there has been a shortage of materials. Without protection and breeding, the development of Tibetan medicine will be limited. Market for Tibetan medicine faces a broad prospect and, developing medicinal materials is a good way to not only protect traditional culture, but also increase people's incomes."

In order to expand the scale and variety of Tibetan medicinal materials and obtain more economic benefits, Nyima is also active in agriculture practical technical trainings. Through continuous learning, the farm is now experienced in cultivating and planting medicinal materials such as gastrodia elata, ganoderma mushrooms, and maca. The herbs and seedlings of gastrodia elata,maca, Paris polyphylla, and others can bring millions of yuan in income to the farm each year.

At the same time, Nyima tries various methods to help increase incomes for families in the surrounding areas. The farm has specially established two greenhouses for people to learn cultivation techniques for medicinal materials. Bags of ganoderma mushrooms are also provided free of charge to interested villagers, which allows them to grow and sell them on their own.

"During the busy transplanting season for gastrodia elata, we will also spend money to hire extra laborers on the farm. At most, we have more than 30 employees!" Nyima also said that the farm can help 50 households and 290 people increase their incomes each year.

Passing down the Tibetan medicine industry to future generations also helps to promote the incomes of ordinary people.

"This year, the county plans to invest 1.68 million yuan (0.24 million US dollars) into our farm for expanding the farm base and extending cultivation of white ganoderma. This is really great news. After planting is further standardized, the farm will play an even bigger role!"