Road building attached importance in poverty alleviation


Lechen Norbu

Yangla Township, Deqin County, Yunnan is located in the mountains at the junction of Yunnan province, Sichuan province and Tibet Autonomous Region. It has an average elevation of over 3,500 meters, poor natural conditions and poor infrastructure. Lechen Norbu, a Tibetan cadre, has been settled here for eight years, and under his leadership, the people of the township have been rising out of poverty.

In 2011, Lechen Norbu was transferred to work in Yangla Township. He led people to build, widen, and renovate local road for nearly 200 kilometers, so that all 52 village groups here would be accessible by road. Under his leadership, roads connection Sichuan and Tibet have also been put under construction.

Yangla Township is located among deep valleys and high mountains. Some villages have extremely harsh conditions, and people only hope to move away. In the past few years, Yangla Township has successively relocated more than 1,000 people out of the area. The economic conditions of the villagers have improved through the promotion of poverty alleviation and cultivating industries such as bee keeping and growing Sichuan peppers.