Tibet holds its 6th annual seminar of scince and technology

On June 13th, Tibet Association For Scince And Technology held its 6th Annual Meeting and Farming Technology and Innovation Expo in Lhasa. The meeting and expo presented many of the breakthroughs in the farming and herding industry in the region.

At the event

On the 60th anniversary of the China Association for Science and Technology, and the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-Up, this annual meeting and expo serves to encourage members of the farming and herding technology industry, as well as scholars, builders, farmers, and herders to contribute to the revitalization of their region, to fully galvanize regional technology and social resources, to better serve the growth of the farming and herding industry, and to make technology take off in Tibet’s farming and herding industry.

the site of the meeting

The expo presented more than 40 farming technology achievements in the last few years in the areas of growing highland barley, yak cultivation, forage cultivation, gardening, and fishery, etc., fully demonstrating the major advances made in Tibet.