Yushu stone carving expected to apply for status later this year

The Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will launch its application to have Yushu stone carving recognized as an intangible cultural heritage item in 2018, so as to promote holistic preservation of rock paintings, cliff statues, and mani stone carvings.

Yushu stone carving is a concentrated expression of rock carving culture from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the largest number of existing relics spanning the longest period of time, with the most variety, and the most completely preserved stone carving culture. The core area for Yushu stone carving is around the Tongtian River Basin. The most typical examples are the Tongtian River ancient rock paintings, the Lebagou rock cliff statues, the Xinzhai Jiana mani stone pile, and the slab stone painting of Gabai stupa.