Qinghai Lake improves tourist-friendly services

By Sept 5th of 2018, the Qinghai Lake scenic district in northwest China's Qinghai Province has renovated 32 restrooms, adding shoe-shine machines, hot water heaters, cell phone charging stations, etc, providing more visitor-friendly services.

As China's largest inland lake, Qinghai Lake is not only a critical body of water for the ecology of northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it also helps to curb desertification toward the east. Data shows that from January through July of 2018, there was an estimated 1.712 million tourists in Qinghai Lake, achieving a total of 236.116 million yuan (34.516 million US dollars) in tourism income.

Qinghai Lake scenic district has currently acquired 15 new energy buses, as well as sightseeing vehicles, rental bicycles with QR codes, and horses-drawn carriages. There're also more dedicated tourism buses from Xining to Erlangjian, effectively increasing avenues for tourists to reach the scenic district, and ensuring effective transportation in the area.

New programs including "Aerial Ecology Tours + Emergency Rescue", hot air balloons, lake bicycling, and drones, etc have been introduced. Programs and products such as self-driven tours, bicycle tours, and walking tours, etc., are also being planned, which will promote the combined growth of athletics, culture, and tourism, and help pass on the dedication to ecology.