Tour of Qinghai Lake: more than just a premier cycling race


Gazang Cairang organizes the Tour of Qinghai Lake in Lanzhou of China, on 4th August, 2018. (Xinhuanet Photo)

LANZHOU, Aug. 5 (Xinhuanet) -- Immersed in the clouds above the dreamy mountain and reflected in the mirror-calm blue water, the 17th Tour of Qinghai Lake, an annual premier multi-stage cycling race in China, came to an end here today after 14 days of adventure. Beyond victory and honor, the race is leaving behind an unforgettable memory of sportsmanship and friendship.

"More than just a cycling race, the Tour of Qinghai Lake is like a grand sport event and people's festival," said Gazang Cairang, Vice President of the Organization Committee of Tour of Qinghai Lake, Director of the Qinghai Provincial Administration of Sports, referring to all the cheer and applause from the local people along the race route.

The 13-stage race started on 22 July in Qinghai's Haidong city, running across the Yellow River, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qilian Mountains, and Hexi Corridor, all the world-known natural and cultural heritage sites in the region, and ended in Lanzhou, Gansu, with a total distance of the route 3,671km.

Inaugurated in 2002, the Tour of Qinghai Lake is becoming more established, participatory, and influential, as the UCI-sanctioned 2.HC race with prize money of more than US$1 million and the 4th major annual road race, following the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a Espana. Given the fact that the competition route reaches a height up to 3,800 meters at times, far higher than any of the European tours, it is also called the "Race in the Sky".

The organizer are determined to make the Tour of Qinghai Lake not only a top race in Asia but also in the entire world. "We will bring in more professional and international practice in the race organization, and explore more innovative approach to strengthen its branding influence," said Gazang Cairang. "Also, we will add some side events to allow local people and tourists to also participate in this cycling sport."

He also noted that it is more important to leverage the opportunities created by the Tour of Qinghai Lake to improve the regional sport infrastructure and facilities that can benefit the local people.

To expand its global reach, his agency is considering live broadcast or webcast of the future Tour of Qinghai Lake to show its excitement and magnificence to more people in the world.