Tibetan film wins award at Vancouver Chinese Language Film Festival

This Pure Land, the first Tibetan ethnographic documentary directed by Tibetan director Kelsang Nyima in conjunction with Ye Juan, was shortlisted for the "Red Maple Leaf" award at the fifth Vancouver Chinese Language Film Festival. It also won the Best Documentary award in the festival's documentary category competition, becoming Tibet's first film created and directed by local team and director to win an international film award.

Through tracking a female village head called Pasang Butri and three families from Luoma Village located by the Nyangchu River for two years, the film shows an objective portrayal of thousands of years of farming civilization on the banks of the river, filming events such as the spring farming , praying for harvest festivals, autumn harvest , threshing , and the Shigatse New Year.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Lhasa at the end of September and will be released to international and domestic cinemas in October.