【Tibetan Tea on the Ancient Road】Seminar on the First Draft of Jiang’s Ancient Tea and the Potala Palace

On April 25th, the Seminar on the First Draft of Jiang’s Ancient Tea and the Potala Palace-Legend of Great Tea Merchants of a Generation started on the former site of Gongxing Tea Store (Jiang’s Courtyard) in the Qing Dynasty, a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level in Xingjing County, Ya’an, Sichuan Province. Tibetologists and tea culture experts from different places in the world gathered together and discussed the important role of Jiang’s Ancient Tea in the exchange, communication, and integration of the Chinese nation.

In the picture, Jiang Yuqian, the 15th-generation successor of Jiang’s Ancient Tea, introduces the story of Jiang’s Courtyard to scholars.

In the picture is an old photo of a carrier on Xiangling Ancient Road displayed in Jiang’s Courtyard.

In the picture, Dr. Gelek, Head of the Research Group of Jiang’s Ancient Tea and the Potala Palace, is making notes.

In the picture, members of the Research Group are discussing a problem.

In the picture, Wang Fei, Ambassador of the Communication of Chinese Tibetan Tea Culture, is displaying tea art.

In the picture is the duplicate of the Rigzin Duji Ancient Tea Brick found in the Potala Palace.

In the picture is the plaque with “Qingyoufu” (meaning celebrating blessings) in Jiang’s Courtyard.

In the picture is the sculpture on the door of the principal room in Jiang’s Courtyard.