The Exhibition of Chinese Dragon on the Plateau Opened in Beijing

On April 9, the exhibition of Chinese Dragon on the Plateau kicked off in the Museum of Tibetan Culture of China Tibetology Research Center.

This exhibition starts with the “dragon” and stories about communication, exchange, and integration of people of all ethnic groups in China are told vividly. Through a large number of pictures and precious material objects, at the exhibition, the history of the “dragon culture” in all ages from the Central Plains to the plateau is summarized. After the Chinese dragon “arriving” at the plateau was deeply integrated with the culture on the plateau, all kinds of images were derived. The visual images and expression methods of the “dragon” in ideology, etiquette system, religious faith, and production and life on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are displayed together. Murals, Thangka, seals, buildings, harnesses, household supplies, clothes, articles of daily use, and other categories are covered. The process in which people of all ethnic groups in Xizang yearned for, accepted, and absorbed the “dragon culture” is presented, until it was integrated into aesthetics and spirit.

According to the introduction, as people of all ethnic groups contacted, communicated, and integrated, the “dragon” culture of the Central Plains naturally entered the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and was gradually integrated into the production and life of people of all ethnic groups in Xizang.

In the exhibition, there is also the interactive experience area. Visitors could experience printing and deeply feel the charm of the excellent traditional culture in Xizang.