Epic drama "Princess Wencheng" staged in Lhasa, China's Xizang

The 12th season of the epic drama "Princess Wencheng" kicked off in Lhasa, Xizang Autonomous Region on the evening of March 12, 2024. This year, the play has upgraded the hardware supporting facilities, and also the form of stage, performance details, art links, the use of new media technology and other aspects. Since its debut in Lhasa in 2013, more than 1,800 performances of the opera have been staged.

The epic drama "Princess Wencheng" integrates drama, music, dance and modern choreography, realizing the inheritance and innovative of fine traditional culture and passing down the moving story of harmony between Han and Tibetan. It tells the story of Princess Wencheng, who came all the way from Chang'an (today's city of Xi'an) to marry Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo over 1,300 years ago.