【Sound of Camel Bell】Stories of Camel Workers on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Impress Me

In the picture, Zhang Cunhu is observing the camel bell.

The first challenge was to establish a good history museum when I came to work in Mohe . It should not be like a warehouse in which precious historical materials are piled up. Therefore, I learned in the process of sorting historical materials and went to Xizang, Gansu, Shaanxi, and other places with my colleagues to look for historical materials. I got more detailed information with the help of the film crew of the CCTV channel. I found that Mohe Camel Farm was marvelous. More and more history and stories of people moved me to tears again and again.

The first thing that struck me was the story of the dead body carrying team. I was surprised that a team of camels was specifically established to carry dead bodies back home! I have admired Captain Tang Gangnian who has been together with dozens of dead bodies during the day, unloaded and watched them in the evening to prevent them from being eaten by wild animals, and overcame difficulties on the way. He is brave and careful. This made me want to know more stories about camel workers. Ordinary and great people and vivid and real stories impressed me.

In the picture is the History Museum of Qinghai-Tibet Camel Team.

In the history of the camel team, I admire General Mu Shengzhong, most. He is a great hero in my heart. I am very excited when I talk about the general.

In the process of building and improving the history museum, I met the children of the general. They smiled and said: “Director Zhang, you came to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at the age of 44 and started to talk about what the general did on the plateau when he was 44 years old, which indicates that you are destined.” Afterward, I felt that it was worthwhile to explore this history and tell this story. Over the years, I have been to many places to collect historical materials. I hope to expand the scale of the history museum and make it bigger and stronger. It is the most urgent for me.

In the picture, Zhang Cunhu is checking materials in the history museum.

In the picture is an old photo of a camel team exhibited in the History Museum of Qinghai-Tibet Camel Team.

People should struggle all their lives. In particular, when they have good opportunities and platforms, they should cherish them more. I feel lucky to see Mohe Camel Farm, explore and talk about history, enrich my life, and do meaningful things in my life.