Gannan Tibetan Thangka Inheritor: Pass on Skills on the Fingertips for More Than 40 Years

Jiaoba Gyalpo started engaging in Thangka art when he was young. Affected by his father, he became quite interested in Thangka art when he was little. He not only inherited the painting style and characteristics of his father, but also constantly learned from other painters to improve his painting skills.

Thangka is a unique painting art form in Tibetan culture, with distinct ethnic characteristics, rich religious colors, and a unique style of art.

Thangka works of Jiaoba Gyalpo have more than 10 types, including cloth and color-painted Thangka, pearl Thangka, embroidery Thangka, and brocade Thangka. He has achieved good attainments in tinting, dyeing, line drawing, coloring, and other aspects of thangka. Therefore, his works have bright colors, smooth lines, and clever composition of pictures, full of artistic charm.