3rd Shangri-La Winter International Bird Watching Festival ends


The Chinese merganser. [Photo/Xinhua]


The Baer's pochard. [Photo/Xinhua]

On December 23, the three-day 2018 Third Shangri-La Winter International Bird Watching Festival held in Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, came to a close.

Compared with the lists of birds recorded in the previous two bird watching festivals, 25 new birds were recorded this year, adding six new kinds to the lists of birds in Shangri-La City, including the Baer's pochard, Chinese merganser, the water rail, the streaked rosefinch, the twite, and the solitary snipe.

Han Lianxian, a professor at Southwest Forestry University, said that observation records of Chinese merganser and Baer's pochard can help people better understand these two endangered species and provide new information on their distribution and wintering habits.