Tibetan man turns his life toward charity

Nyima Tsering spends New Year with kids in Shigatse of Tibet autonomous region. [Pohoto provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Over the past 14 years, Nyima Tsering of Shigatse, Tibet autonomous region, spent most of his spare time volunteering — fostering orphans, helping poverty-stricken families and spreading health tips to rural residents.

Over the past 14 years, he has fostered 27 orphans, preached AIDS prevention for rural residents as many as 3,000 times within eight years and carried out more than 300 public activities on environmental protection in six years, Tibet Daily said in an article about him.

Nyima Tsering's motivation to do charity work was inspired by a 70-year-old Tibetan woman named Tsamcho in 2006. While he was on his trip to visit a relative in Tsamcho's village, he learned from a relative that the woman had fostered four orphans despite her family's poor economic status.

Nyima Tserign was moved and subsequently decided to do similar good works.

In 2007, he visited many rural villages in Shigatse by motorcycle and fostered 13 orphans. He founded the Shigatse Norphel Children's Welfare House in 2008. So far, he has fostered a total of 27 orphans.

Nyima Tsering's favorite saying is "Knowledge can change people's destiny." It's always on the tip of his tongue to help him convey the importance of educating kids. He reminds his family to always keep a pure heart for the benefit of others.

Nyima Tsering donates blood in June 2020 in Shigatse of Tibet autonomous region. [Pohoto provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Of the 27 orphans, seven are now studying in primary and junior middle schools, nine are studying in colleges or universities and 11 have found jobs after completing their education.

Nyima Tsering attended a training course to learn AIDS prevention in Sichuan province in 2013. After that, he has conducted more than 3,000 AIDS prevention courses in places all over the Tibet autonomous region, including schools, government institutes and rural villages.

Additionally, Nyima Tsering has collected and donated clothes and medicine to rural residents and raised their health awareness and knowledge of disease prevention. Nyima Tsering's efforts have paid off: In 2017, he was nominated as a National Moral Exemplar.

Last year, he was honored as an organ donor and recently was selected as one of China's 100 true followers of Lei Feng (1940-1962) — a role model of selflessness, modesty and dedication.

Nyima Tsering attends a meeting in Shigatse of Tibet autonomous region in July 2019. [Pohoto provided to chinadaily.com.cn]