Tibet’s first exhibition of cloth and heavy color works unveiled in Lhasa

On the morning of October 8, the first Tibet Cloth and Heavy Color Works Exhibition opened at the Jieguan Art Center in Lhasa. 10 modern Tibetan artists displayed 61 exquisite cloth and heavy color paintings.


The cloth artwork using cloth as the drawing board, fuses factors of both traditional Tibetan thangka and mural paintings and of Han meticulous heavy color drawing paintings , and draws on elements of Western realistic and modern painting. Each painting is based on the intimacy of life and is a reflection of reality. They fully demonstrate Tibet’s natural beauty and cultural richness, and they also enable traditional Tibetan art to move from “god-based” to “human-based” themes.


Famous Tibetan artist Yu Youxin said, “Cloth and heavy color artwork is a new form of painting art as a result of combining traditional Tibetan art and modern painting. It is influential in exhibiting the real Tibet to people all over the world.”


Many paintings by painter Dedron, the only female exhibitor, used warm colors and cartoon imagery. Dedron said that in her mind, there had always been a cartoonish Tibet of both natural and cultural beauty. She hopes to use her paintbrush to bring forth the Tibet in her mind.