National Aid-Tibet exhibition center unveiled in Nyingchi, Tibet

The opening ceremony for the national Aid-Tibet exhibition center was held in the Lulang International Tourism Town in Nyingchi, Tibet on April 1. Construction on the exhibition center began in June 2018 and was completed in February of this year. The exhibition center introduces the achievements and meritorious deeds made by the Aid Tibet program of 17 provinces, prefectures, and municipalities over the last 20 years by exhibiting photos, videos, and physical displays.

Over the last 20 years, the Central Government has invested 46 billion yuan (6.8 billion US dollars) in more than 10,000 key Aid-Tibet projects. In order to display the achievements of the Aid-Tibet program, The 8th Guangdong Province Aid-Tibet Team built this exhibition hall in Lulang International Tourism Town, a key project of the Guangdong Province Aid-Tibet program.