China Tibetan cultural exchange delegation visits Vienna

A Chinese delegation on Tibetan cultural exchange concluded their two-day visit in Vienna Tuesday.

The visit is aimed at promoting better understanding of Tibetan history and reality through lectures and dialogues.

With pictures and documents, Hao Shiyuan, an academy member from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and head of the delegation, gave a lecture on Tibetan Culture and Tibetan Buddhism at the Vienna University during their first day's visit.

Hao's lecture met with great enthusiasm from local audiences.

"I learn about that there are radio and TV broadcasting, newspaper, and even mobile phone apps available in Tibetan languages, for the very first time", said Dr. Rudolf Schneider at the university, adding that this form of lectures and direct exchanges with scholars from China would help get rid of the biases among some westerners.

Richard Trappl, director of the Confucius Institute at the Vienna University, expressed his hopes to organize more such kind of exchanges that could bring Chinese and Austrian scholars and elites together, putting away misunderstandings, and forging ahead co-operations based upon mutual trusts and amicable affections.

Trappl, who first visited Tibet in 1982, said he witnessed huge changes in Tibet when he was there for the second time in 2014, especially in infrastructure development, nature conservation, and cultural preservation.

"The magnificent natural landscapes and its mysterious cultural heritages are of unique appeals, and most of us care more about the ecological conservation and cultural preservation in Tibet," he said.