Tibet delegation submits 25 proposals to the National People's Congress

A total of 25 proposals were submitted by the Tibet delegation to the National People's Congress during the fifth session of the 12th NPC which concluded Wednesday. 

The proposals mainly include infrastructure construction, livelihood improvement, industrial development, environmental protection and so on, covering politics, economics, culture, education, ecology and other areas.

To be specific, the proposals on infrastructure construction projects include railways, highways, water conservancy, electric power, ecological zones and logistics parks, which are the most urgent problems needing  high attention on the region's way to reform and development.

In addition, the proposals are closely linked to people's livelihoods. Most of them are related to the most direct and tangible issues that are at the forefront of people's concerns.

Besides, the delegates also proposed suggestions on providing subsidies for herdsmen in ecological preservation areas, improving welfare for landless people, developing rural tourism, improving medical treatment, etc. For example, delegate Wang Dui proposed “increasing support to Tibet's desertification control projects”; delegate Pengcuo proposed “area adjustment and function optimization of Changtang National Nature Reserve”.

Tsering Dekyi, who is responsible for submitting the proposals, said that the Tibetan delegates have conscientiously performed their duties. All the proposals are closely linked to Tibet, reflect the people's wishes and aim to promote practical work. Over the last four years, 100% of the proposals received responses. The delegates are all satisfied with this high level of efficiency.