China Tibetan cultural exchange group visits Sweden

A China Tibetan cultural exchange group held a symposium at the Swedish Institute for Security and Development Policy on May 24 to give a comprehensive introduction on the history, culture, religion, and contemporary development of Tibet and to offer a new look of Tibet today.

At the symposium, Zheng Dui, leader of the delegation and secretary-general of China Tibetology Research Center, said that he hoped such exchange would help introduce the real Tibet, so that more people could come to better understand the real Tibet, and promote Tibetan culture.

The delegation gave a detailed PowerPoint presentation to introduce achievements Tibet has made in its economic and social development. The two sides also exchanged views on the issue of climate change and other issues in Tibet.

Shi Wantong, director of the Swedish Institute for Security and Development Policy said that it was important for European research institutions to understand real Tibet, and that the delegation’s detailed presentation “benefited the institute greatly”.

"The delegation introduced a lot of things we did not know, and I think this exchange opportunity is very valuable!” Shi Wantong said. “Tibet’s efforts in environmental protection are particularly inspiring, which are all highlights of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and can be used as a reference for cross-regional cooperation,” he added.

The Tibetan cultural exchange group also visited the Swedish Oriental Museum and exchanged views on cultural issues with staff members from the Swedish World Culture Museum and Oriental Museum.