Tibetan cultural exchange delegation visits Europe

A cultural exchange delegation from China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on Tuesday wrapped up their two-day visit in Europe, during which the delegates had extensive discussions with European experts, scholars and the public.

Zhang Yun, director of the Institute for History Studies of China Tibetology Research Center, gave an introduction of China’s achievements in protecting and developing Tibetan culture to the experts and scholars from the European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) Monday.  

Axel Goethals, CEO of the EIAS spoke highly of China’s achievements in protecting and developing Tibetan cultures and language.  

"I went to Tibet in August. I was impressed by Tibet’s modernization, religious atmosphere and the preservation of Tibetan ancient materials," said Nirj Deva, chairman of the EU-China Friendship Group of the EU Parliament.   "Tibet is a place with profound cultures, beautiful scenery and modern infrastructure. Tibetans enjoy great freedom and full rights and their livelihoods have been greatly improved,"  Nirj Deva added.  

The movie “Roof of the World”, a documentary film reflecting the harmony between people and nature on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau was demonstrated to the public in Brussels.  "I can see a holy and beautiful Tibet in this movie. I will tell what I saw to my students to help them better understand Tibet," a teacher in Brussels said.