Tibet Museum holds activities to bring history to life

On May 18, the 41st "International Museum Day", staff from the Tibet Museum held a series of promotional activities at the Lhasa Hope Primary School and the Potala Palace in southwest China's Tibet.

At the Lhasa Hope Primary School, lecturers from Tibet Museum explained some famous historical events to the students, such as the Tang Dynasty-Tubo Kingdom marriage alliance, granting the three dharma kings, , the meeting of the sixth Panchen Lama with Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, and the recognition of the 11th Panchen Lama. 
The students were also allowed to experience replicas of treasured cultural artifacts, satisfying their "cultural relic addiction".

A student called Dawa Tashi said, "It's as if the museum is moved right next to us, so we can listen to and learn about Tibet's cultural history up close. Getting to understand the ancient wisdom of the relics opens up our horizon and gives us a sense of responsibility for preserving them."

Pema Dundrup, assistant director of the Tibet Museum, said that activities, such as the "Witness of History" photo exhibition, recitation contest, knowledge competition, allow the museum to "go out" and the cultural relics "come to life", helping bring the historical knowledge to students in campuses and ordinary people, further enriching their spiritual and cultural lives.