'Internet + cordyceps' in Tibet

The E-commerce platform of commodity spot transaction for trading cordyceps has been launched by the Tibet commodity trading center. It is the first one in China, in order to improve the dated trading method for cordyceps.  

The customers would purchase cordyceps online, then pick-up the products at authorized direct-sale stores or warehouses of Tibet commodity trading center, which can reduce the in-between steps, lower exchange costs, maintain market prices stability, as well as promote industry transformation and upgrading.    

Cordyceps is a non-renewable rare resource and precious herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Tibet is China's main production site for cordyceps, its annual output accounting for 30 percent of the national output. 

This platform takes the model of "Internet + specialty products" to test operation of the cordyceps, as well as provides opportunities for other Tibetan specialty products such as Tibetan saffron, Tibetan fritillary, East Asian fungi, Persian gastrodia, Nyingchi matsutake, etc., which could lead to further development of the Tibetan economy.