China Tibet tourism promotion week kick-offs in UK

China Tibet tourism promotion week, hosted by the Tourism Development Commission of Tibet Autonomous Region, held its launch ceremony in London, England on November 8th.

Over 50 members of the Chinese and British press and tourism industry professionals attended the event.   

Tibet's tourism infrastructure has made extraordinary progress and improvement, with strong support from the central government.

Tourists from around the world could enjoy traveling in Tibet via air, railway and the highway. In order to expedite tourists' tour-planning, all 22 overseas offices of the China National Tourism Administration offer information on traveling to Tibet. 

Wang Songping, deputy director of the Tourism Development Commission of Tibet Autonomous Region, introduced Tibet's cultural heritage, natural sights, and the various ways to reach Tibet.

The event opened with the song "The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" as accompanied by promotion videos for Tibet tourism, and the London audience were mentally transported to " the roof of the world".

At the signing ceremony followed the event, the Tibet Tourist Corporation and two British travel companies signed the partnership agreements.

Tibet's unique natural environment and friendly people is extremely appealing to all tourists.

The strategic partnership made with the Tibet Tourist Corporation will enable many more British people to understand Tibet, according to Derek Moore, chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators in Britain.