Xizang to raise educational subsidy standard

There was no modern school in old Xizang. Serfs and their children had no right to education. After peaceful liberation and democratic reform, the history of no modern education in Xizang ended.

Nowadays, the education undertaking in Xizang has developed with high quality. A relatively complete modern education system has been established, including preschool education, basic education, vocational education, higher education, continuing education, and special education. Xizang took the lead to provide free education for 15 years from the preschool stage to the senior high school stage in China. In particular, by establishing boarding schools, Xizang has effectively solved difficult problems including a vast territory with a sparse population, long distances, and living in a scattered manner. It is very convenient for children in agricultural and pastoral areas, especially those in remote areas, to go to school.

Since the fall semester of 2024, the average annual standard for "Three Guarantees (free food, accommodation, and basic school supplies)" per student in different elevations and phases of study in Xizang is 90 yuan (about 12.67 U.S. dollars) higher than that in 2023, which is expected to benefit 714,300 students. It will be the 21st time the region has raised subsidy standards for students since the central government adopted the Three Guarantees policy in 1985.