【Study Tour in Beijing】Listen to Cultural Relics and “Open a Thick and Heavy History Book”

Students from border counties of Xigaze, Xizang Autonomous Region, who went to Beijing to visit and study, had a vivid history lesson through the precious cultural relics in the National Museum of China. The children walked into the museum and watched the precious exhibits in the part of “History of Ancient China” with strong interest.

“We experienced the extensive traditional Chinese culture through the museum.” Jigme Tsedron said that all members of the Chinese nation “create our culture on this land”.

The children came to the Palace Museum to learn about history closely after visiting the museum.

After entering the Meridian Gate of the Palace Museum, they could feel the strong atmosphere of history and see the magnificent ancient royal garden. “The Palace Museum is so big. It is magnificent and amazing,” said Jigme Tsedron, “We can see the wisdom and hard work of craftsmen in ancient times in every door, hall, brick, and tile. I am intoxicated with them.”

The Palace Museum has rich building elements from different regions and ethnic groups. Students stood upon a high place in the palace and looked at the white tower and Yuhua Pavilion with the dragon-shaped decoration on the roof in the distance. It was said that emperors of the Qing Dynasty collected “treasures” of Tibetan Buddhism there.