Scenery of Nuorilang Waterfall

Located at Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan Province, Nuorilang Waterfall, with an elevation of 2365m, is 270 in width. It is the widest waterfall in China and one of the shooting places of the TV play “Journey to the West”.

Nuorilang in Tibetan refers to “god” with the meaning of imposing and tall posture, so Nuorilang Waterfall means an imposing and grand waterfall.

Water comes from Nuorilang lakes and flows down from the top of the waterfall, like flying Milky Way, thundering. At the southern end, the flow of water is huge and cold, with raising water mist. In the morning sun, rainbows often span over the valley, making the waterfall more charming and amazing.

At the opposite side of the waterfall is a view deck. Seen from the deck, all the beautiful views of the waterfall are enjoyed. In autumn, 300m waterfall presents a magnificent and gorgeous scene in autumn color and mist. It is also a shooting place of many TV plays.