Winter tour of Mt. Qomolangma begins

Every year, the base camp at Mt. Qomolangma attracts tourists from around the world as well as hikers.

On November 1st, the Mt. Qomolangma base camp in Shigatse has officially kicked off the "Winter Tour of Mt. Qomolangma" program, which will continue through March 31st of 2017. Not only will the base camp offer half-off tickets, some lucky tourists would be able to receive limited edition souvenirs from the base camp.

During the "Winter Tour of Mt. Qomolangma" program, the base camp offers tickets at 90 yuan instead of the regular 180 yuan. Tourists could purchase tickets at the Mt. Qomolangma base camp ticket office.

In order to offer tourists even more benefits, in addition to half-off tickets, free souvenirs are given to the 99th, 199th, and 299th, etc., tourists visiting the area.

Besides touring the Mt. Qomolangma base camp, tourists could also visit Tingri county to experience local customs and culture, as well as shop for affordable pulu blankets, carpets, Tibetan comforters, silver bowls, wooden bowls, and other local handicrafts.