Tibet’s digital economy exceeds 33 billion yuan in 2020

Recently, reporters learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Department of Economics and Information Technology that in 2020, the digital economy of the region exceeded 33 billion yuan, an increase of 20 percent. The added value of the high-tech digital industry was 15.248 billion yuan, a 23.9 percent increase. Implementation of key information investments was 6.76 billion yuan. The information index in 2020 is 75.8, and the average annual growth rate of the “13th Five-Year Plan” is among the highest in the country.

What’s more, new progress has been made in digital applications, Six 5G and big data application demonstrations including Ningsuan and China Mobile have been cultivated. 23 industrial digitization projects have begun construction or have been completed. The number of employees in the high-tech digital industry reached 12,000.  

In the next step, the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of Economics and Information Technology will focus on increasing the input of information resources in the four area of border defending, ecological protection, people’s livelihoods improvement, and industrial development.  

Tibet will strive to achieve the goal that at the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period: the “Smart Tibet” framework system will be basically established; broadband access service capacity and penetration rate will reach the middle level in the western region; the information development index will reach 86; the digital governance capability intelligence will reach the middle level in the western region; the scale and development level of the digital economy will reach the middle level in the western region; and the integration of industrialization and the industrialization index will reach 50. Tibet will strive to enter the middle and upper levels of the western region and basically build advanced, ubiquitous digital infrastructure and industrial Internet infrastructure.