Our New Year celebration after rising out of poverty

I am 58 years old. The new house built last year has been renovated, and we will celebrate the New Year in the new house this year. I am very exciting thinking about it. In the past, houses were built with adobe materials. Nowadays, reinforced concrete houses are popular. My house is more than 400 square meters and the decoration is a modern Tibetan style.

Our village has undergone earth-shaking changes since 2013.  

In 2013, the large-scale reality drama “Princess Wencheng” began to be performed in our village, and the tourism industry developed accordingly. After that, our village was determined to be a national cultural and creative park, and the intangible cultural heritage museum, and Tibetan scripture museum were built in succession. My eldest daughter has been an extra in the “Princess Wencheng” crew since 2013, and she earns nearly 4,000 yuan a month. Many young people in the village act as extras in the theater, working outside during the day in agriculture and returning to perform at night. They can earn about 3,000 to 4,000 yuan a month. My son-in-law bought a truck and an excavator and his annual income is more than 150,000 yuan. Now he lives a very rich life.  

In the past, although our village is very close to Lhasa, the roads were not good, and traveling was very inconvenient because of the Lhasa River. I used to do some junk sales in Lhasa, and I had to walk home when I missed the bus. Now it takes ten minutes to go to Lhasa, and the hardened road in the village has also been repaired. It happens to be a clean and tidy New Year.  

The thing I want to do most this year is to continue to urge my daughter and son-in-law to work harder and make the best possible life after getting out of poverty.