Reishi mushrooms artificially produced in Tibet

Mailing in Tibetan means “medicine region”. The diversity in climate here has created rich natural resources, with a wide variety of medicinal materials in the area and abundant edible fungi that are high-quality and well-known all over the world. The Red Sun Technology Model Family Farm is located in Sholkha Village, Mailing Town, Mailing County, Nyingchi City, Tibet. It specializes in the cultivation of white reishi mushrooms, Nyingchi tubers, and other Tibetan medicinal materials.


Wild reishi mushrooms cultivated in the family farm.

Walking into the Red Sun Technology Model Family Farm in Mailing County, you can see rows of neat greenhouses on both sides of the road, where Tibetan medicinal materials such as reishi mushrooms and tubers are cultivated, planted, and dried. The Red Sun Technology Model Family Farm covers an area of 160 acres and is mainly engaged in the cultivation of Tibetan medicinal materials and the processing and sales of under-forest resources.